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Sufi Psychology Association

The Science of the Soul

M.T.O. Sufi Psychology is the Science of the Soul. It is a way to expand the current limitations of psychology to encompass the entirety of the human being. As Sufism is a discipline in self-knowledge, it directs each individual to know his or her innermost self, the self which is much more than simply thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and social labels. It is a method to reacquaint each individual with their true identity, the "I", which is the source of strength, resiliency, joy, and peace. In doing so, one moves past the habitual patterns of behavior, repetitive thought processes, emotional reactivity, and limiting belief to discover harmony, balance, and joy from within. As a result, outward relationships with family, friends, and community are also improved. Sufi Psychology reminds individuals that there is more to them than just their situations and circumstances and encourages exploration of their true identity.


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