Caregiver Wellness Program (CWP)

The Sufi Psychology Association’s Caregiver Wellness Program gives employees helpful tools to deal with stress management, mental health, and overall wellbeing. This program is not intended to replace EAP services or wellness programs/initiatives already in place. It is designed to be complementary and to address some of the challenges related to wellness with this population:

  • Schedule Challenges: One of the challenges of wellness programming is getting everyone together to a workshop. HCW’s schedules are dictated by patient needs so wellness programs must be flexible in order to work within that structure and must be created in a way to be accessible to all. Our program has an online component, which addresses that challenge.

  • Comprehensive: Burnout affects individuals on various levels, not just mentally and physically. Our unique program is truly holistic in nature. We have programming on a multitude of topics related to wellness.

  • Up-to-Date/Evidence Based: All wellness sessions are conducted by doctoral-level experts in their field who are active in presenting, publishing, and/or teaching and as such remain up-to-date with evidence-based findings.

  • Individualized: Each individual has unique needs and a different challenge they may be experiencing at any given moment. Our on-demand wellness videos allow employees to choose what information to receive, depending on what they are experiencing at that time.

  • Time-Based: Sometimes HCWs have a short period of time and need some help. Our videos range from 3-30 minutes which allows them to use something even in a time crunch.

  • Address Disenchantment: When burning out many HCWs feel disillusioned with the administration at the hospitals. We work with the administration to give them an active voice in the wellness programming, so HCWs feel supported by them.

  • “Teach a Man to Fish”: With regular stress reducing programming, each individual can learn how to decrease tension and stress in their body without guidance.