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Combining Music & Meditation: An online study to investigate the mental health benefits of Tamarkoz meditation 

STUDY DETAILS: This study by the Sufi Psychology Association pairs the practice of Tamarkoz with curated music from the Sufi music ensemble, Zendeh Delan. The study hypothesizes that music can enhance the positive effects of the Tamarkoz method, with respect to positive emotions, mindfulness, stress, fatigue, and anxiety. Participants will be virtually guided through the Tamarkoz meditation by videos provided weekly. Through this practice, participants will learn how to meditate. Outside of the study, the invaluable tool of quieting one's mind and focusing will be something participants can use for the rest of their lives. The study is led by an integrated team of physicians, psychologists and music scholars.

PARTICIPATION: For participation details, please visit here.


  • How long is the study? Three 20 minute Tamarkoz sessions per week x 6 weeks 

  • Do I have to do anything? You will be asked to complete questionnaires before & after the study 

  • Do I have to know how to meditate? The study is open to those with limited or no previous experience practicing Tamarkoz and other meditative practices.

  • What if I still have questions? For questions, please email​​

Click to download poster.

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