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July 24-28, 2017 World Congress for Psychotherapy at UNESCO, Paris, France.

The Sufi Psychology Association presented four papers at the World Congress for Psychotherapy: Love and Life in 21st Century. Topics included “Sufism: The Science of the Soul”, “The Use of Sufi Teachings Methods in Psychotherapy: Case Studies”, “Reaching Solitude Through Inner Stability Without Abandoning Society”, and “Implications of Tamarkoz® on Spirituality, Positive Emotions, Perceived Stress and Heart Rate”. SPA, jointly with M.T.O. Shahmaghsoudi® students in Paris, offered a highly-anticipated Tamarkoz® workshop on “Sufism: The Way of Love” followed by a radio interview on the topics of Sufism, Love, Sufi Psychology, and Tamarkoz®. The MTO Sufi Psychology® presentations drew hundreds of attendees from diverse backgrounds, creating an inviting and engaging atmosphere that planted the seed of the heart-centered paradigm of Sufi Psychology at UNESCO. The participants not only had the opportunity to learn about the benefits of Sufi Psychology practices, but they were also able to experience them personally. SPA’s outreach reached its culmination when the Tamarkoz® workshop surpassed its full capacity, motivating the conference organizers to add an additional Tamarkoz® session.


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