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May 6 - 27, 2022, Date Night: Couples Communication

Though it was educational, this 4-week Couples Communication class was also a fun "date night"! This workshop was designed for:

  • New couples who want to learn skills to support their new relationship.

  • Couples who have been together a long time and want to focus on strengthening their relationship.

  • Couples who are experiencing challenges that can be helped by improving their communication.

By participating in this class, participants learned to:

  • Identify and practice daily acts that express fondness, admiration, and respect toward their partners.

  • Identify common barriers to effective communication and develop effective listening skills and personal expression.

  • Learn and practice skills to effectively manage anger and stress.

  • Learn techniques for avoiding conflict and practice behaviors that reshape conflicts into productive discussions.

  • Engage in couples meditation and relaxation exercises.


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