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The Sufi Psychology Association has been awarded a three-year research grant to study Sufi Psychotherapy.

In 2017, the Sufi Psychology Association entered an international grant competition through Brigham Young University.

Professor P. Scott Richards at Brigham Young University was awarded a $3.57 million-dollar grant from the John Templeton Foundation to conduct a large research study on spiritually integrated psychotherapy. The goal was to collaborate with other researchers to create a big data project. Brigham Young then held a $1.8 million-dollar international grant competition called “Enhancing Practice-Based Evidence for Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapies” in order to determine who the collaborators would be. Organizations from all over the globe applied to be a part of the project. It would fund studies that use practice-based research designs that reveal how mental health professionals use spiritually integrated psychotherapy approaches routinely in practice. Twenty-one sites from around the world were picked and awarded grants to conduct their research.

The Sufi Psychology Study

The Sufi Psychology Association was awarded a grant through the competition and is one of two Islamic-centered organizations that were chosen. The study, titled “The Integration of the Heart-Centered Paradigm of Sufi Psychology in Contemporary Psychotherapy Practice” will monitor patient symptoms and what interventions therapists who use Sufi Psychology employ. Data will be collected from patients and practitioners for a period of one year at three different sites (Chicago, Houston and Dallas). Some of it will contribute to Brigham Young’s big-data project and some will go towards Sufi Psychology Association’s own study looking at hope, resiliency, self-discovery, and perceived stress. Data collection began September 2018 and the analysis of the of study and dissemination of the results will continue on through 2021. Stay tuned for more information about this very interesting project.

For more details on the Brigham Young project, please visit:

Official Project Page

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