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"...for more than 1400 years Islamic Sufism has taught its students how to reach a state of optimal health by developing the spiritual dimension and expanding the innate capacities and talents that lie within each individual." 


Bozorgzadeh, S., Bahadorani, N., & Sadoghi, M. (2017). Sufism and optimal health. In D. D. VonDras (Ed.), Better health through spiritual practices:

A guide to religious behaviors and perspectives that benefit mind and body (pp. 205 - 227). Santa Barbara: ABC-CLIO.

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"Mind-body therapies and practices such as meditation, visualization, breathing exercises, Movazeneh®, and Tamarkoz® are effective complementary therapies that can be utilized in pediatrics and help children and adolescents learn self-care skills that they could apply throughout their lives." 

Amjadi, K. (2021). Exploring Factors That Influence Children’s Growth and Development During a Pandemic. Global Pediatric Health.

"...during the most stressful time of the semester, compared to two control groups, the participants in the Tamarkoz group experienced significantly more positive emotions, more daily spiritual experiences, reduced perceptions of stress, and reduced heart rate, which suggests the body’s effective regulation of cardiovascular reactivity."

Bahadorani, N., Lee, J.W. & Martin, L.R. Implications of Tamarkoz on stress, emotion, spirituality and heart rate. Sci Rep 11, 14142 (2021).